Lev Polyakov, Cikus goes to Asia, Seth & Matt,

17 09 2009

A new film by emerging 20 year old animation director, Lev Polyakov. Some of you will remember Lev the young Russian-American animator from the Ottawa Animation Festival a couple of years ago. He just completed a tragicomedy about a Dictator, a Rebel, and Love. It is shockingly funny and packed with surprises. Brimming with nonstop creative …

newsletter_septA new performer has joined the Cirkus! Cirkus announces Bangkok based Ingrid Truelove, will represent Cirkus in Asia as the newly baptized Harlequin. Having climbed through the ranks of TV Production at numerous Sydney advertising agencies, Ingrid moved to Bangkok 2,5 years ago to follow her love.

Since then she has been representing a US film production company (Moxie Pictures) across the Asia region and recently, she expanded the roster to allow some of the most highly regarded production companies in the world permanent exposure in Asia, through The A List.

Since calling Thailand her home, life has undertaken some major changes, swapping weekends filled with Bills Breakfasts, Bondi-Coogee walks for Bangkok street food and island hopping in The Andaman.

Aside from Bangkok being a city full of colour, movement and spirituality (and traffic!), it is become recognized globally as the creative and production hub for Asia. Ingrid: “It is an exciting time to be here and I look forward to bringing Cirkus to Asia!”.


Matt and Seth attend attend Comic Con in San Diego and prepare for the launch of Titan Maxium which Premiers Sept 27th at 11pm on Adult Swim.




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